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Looking for high-speed internet? Etex offers different packages to suit your needs. Whether you are a serious gamer, or just a casual surfer, we have an internet package just for you.

Internet packages shown are only available for residential customers. Some speeds may not be available in certain areas.

Fiber Internet

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How much bandwidth do you need?

Internet speed is measured by bandwidth consumption at a specific point in time. Determining how much bandwidth is right for you depends on how many devices and users that will be using it simultaneously. Use the simple calculator below, to figure out if your current plan provides enough bandwidth. After you enter all the devices and users you have, check the gauge above to see an estimate* of the bandwidth you need.

4k TVs

Ultra HD or 4K quality Internet connected TV Streaming Video

Today’s 4K TV content is relatively new to the market and requires a substantial amount of bandwidth to achieve the required quality set by TV set manufacturers. 4K TV's or Ultra High Definition TV sets offer the highest resolution (3840 x 2160).

Smart TVs

1080p or below HD quality Internet connected TV Streaming Video

Smart TV's do not require as much bandwidth for streaming video as 4K TV's. Smart TV's are High Definition TV sets with 1080p resolution that are connected to the Internet and this technology the most common in households today.

Streaming HD Video

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Sling TV

Streaming HD video is not to be confused with 4K or Smart TV sets. What we mean here is streaming video on Smartphones or Tablets. For instance, how many family members are watching a show, these are all using your Internet connection and contribute to the requirement.

Security Cameras

Nest, Arlo, D-link, Ring, Amazons cloud cam

WIFI connected security cameras come in several different varieties depending on quantity, resolution and frames per second.

Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod, Google Home

Voice controlled speakers have become increasingly popular in homes. These speakers have technology built in, so they are always prepared to respond.

Online Gaming

Internet gaming via Xbox, PlayStation, or desktop computers)

Gamers know they need a solid Internet connection, you need to have a better connection than your opponent to ensure you have the competitive edge. Gaming requires quite a bit of bandwidth to not only play, but to also download new games.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Social Media draws millions together at any given time. Today, social media has become the platform for video sharing. Video which requires more and more bandwidth to ensure a quality.

Streaming Music

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime Music

Streaming music is probably one of the most popular activities done over the Internet. Everyone likes to listen to music.

Web Browsing

News, shopping, forums, online banking

Web browsing is a rather common function when on the Internet, consider the video, most website these days have some video playing on the side, as an attention grabber. So, the important thing to consider here is that websites do require bandwidth.

Work From Home

File downloading, cloud storage upload/download, screen sharing, video conferencing

Working from home is important! We could stop there, but we feel it's important to note that you now have the ability to do everything from home that you can do from the office with a fiber connection. We want you to have an even better experience than you would being at the office while sharing files, exchanging videos or pictures, video conferencing and using any and all of your systems without a hitch.

*Allocations are based on average consumption for common Internet functions. Specific usage may vary depending on the number of devices, device health, consumer behavior and other unique situations within the home or business.

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