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Ultimate Fighting Championship®

Don’t miss a single fight! Click Here for the official schedule of events.


Available on eVision Pay-Per-View Channel 500. Check the eVision Guide on your TV for pricing and then order using your remote.
Coming this month on eVision Pay Per View Rating Genre
El Destino Arl TV-PG EDU
El Destino Tajo Park TV-PG EDU
El Invierno De Los Raros TV-PG EDU
En Cada Feria Un Amor TV-MA EDU
Fifty Shades Of Grey With Behind The Scenes.. TV-MA DRA
Seventh Son PG-13 ADV
Seventh Son En Español PG-13 ADV
The DUFF En Español PG-13 COM
The Gunman R DRA
Focus R DRA
Jupiter Ascending PG-13 ADV
Focus En Espanyol PG-13 ADV
Ex Machina R DRA
Run All Night En Español R DRA
Run All Night R DRA
Get Hard R COM
Get Hard En Español R COM
The Lazarus Effect PG-13 HOR
The Divergent Series: Insurgent PG-13 ADV
The Divergent Series: Insurgent En Español PG-13 ADV
Unfriended R HOR
Hot Pursuit PG-13 COM
Hot Pursuit En Español PG-13 ADV
Unfriended En Español R HOR
Chappie R DRA
Chappie En Español R DRA
The Age Of Adaline PG-13 DRA
The Age Of Adaline En Español PG-13 DRA
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 PG COM
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 En Español PG COM
Cinderella PG DRA
Cinderella En Español PG DRA
Furious 7 PG-13 DRA
Monkey Kingdom G EDU
Love & Mercy PG-13 DRA
Monkey Kingdom En Español G EDU
Love & Mercy En Español PG-13 DRA
Furious 7 En Español PG-13 DRA
Pitch Perfect 2 En Español PG-13 COM
Pitch Perfect 2 PG-13 COM
Mad Max: Fury Road R ADV
Mad Max: Fury Road En Español R ADV
Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron PG-13 ADV
Tomorrowland PG ADV
Dope R COM
Jurassic World PG-13 ADV
Aloha PG-13 COM
The Gift R DRA
Entourage R COM

This channel will be available to all Etex eVision customers by default. Those who do not wish to receive PPV can block this channel using our Channel Block feature via your Etex remote. Remember all Pay-Per-View purchases are billed immediately. If for some reason you do not receive your purchased program please call (903) 797-HELP or (903) 797-TECH as soon as you notice the program is not working. Outage must be verified to receive credit. Customers are responsible for all PPV charges.

How do I block the Pay Per View Channel?

Follow these steps to remove the specified channel from your guide.
  1. select “menu”
  2. “settings”
  3. password (default is “0”)
  4. “channel blocking”
  5. “edit”
  6. select channel “500”
  7. “OK” on remote
  8. then press “update”
  9. and finally “submit”
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