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How Fiber Optics Works!

What Makes Fiber Better than Copper?

The Etex Story

Technology plays an increasingly significant role in the lives of Americans, especially those in rural areas like East Texas. Whether it’s used for communication, information, education, commerce, telemedicine, or entertainment – we rely on technology daily. At ETEX, we take our responsibility for your connectivity very seriously.

We’re East Texas born and raised, started by a group of locals that formed a Cooperative over 65 years ago. It is literally our mission to serve you. Our company headquarters are based here, creating jobs and contributing to the local tax base. Our employees live here, their salaries spent in the local economy. Their families support local communities, school districts, and businesses. And, so does ETEX.

From donations, sponsorships, scholarships, volunteer support to business technology consulting, distance learning and more. We are constantly investing in our network to ensure that our customers receive services that rival or exceed those available in urban areas, to ensure there is no “digital disadvantage” to those who choose to call our region home. We understand the wants and needs of East Texas, because we call it home too.

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