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Customer Proprietary Network Information Opt-Out

CPNI Opt-Out

  • Important Note: If you choose to opt-out you may be required to present a valid photo ID at one of our business offices in order to access information about your account. For more details please call 903-797-4357.


    Etex Telephone Cooperative (“Etex”) and its affiliate company, Etex Communications (“Affiliate”), provide a vast array of telecommunications and video services including local, long distance, wireless, Internet access and video. We want to assure you that Etex always take great care in the way that we handle sensitive information that pertains to your account, known as Customer Proprietary Network Information or CPNI.

    CPNI includes the type, technical arrangement, quantity, destination and amount of use of telecommunications services and related billing for those services. Etex and its Affiliate have an obligation under federal law to treat all information that relates to your CPNI, including your calling and billing information, in a confidential manner. Only Etex and its Affiliate will use your CPNI.

    Under FCC rules, Etex is allowed to share your CPNI with its Affiliate that provides services to which you do not already subscribe unless you tell us otherwise. If you do not want Etex to share your CPNI with its Affiliate you may “opt-out” by notifying us in writing or by visiting https://etex.mediaquest.co/existing-customer/cpnioptout within the next 30 days. Written notice must be sent to Etex at PO Box 130 Gilmer, TX 75644. Be sure to include in your letter the name that appears on your account with Etex, the telephone number associated with your account and a statement that you would like Etex to “restrict use of my CPNI.”

    Your decision to opt-out will not affect the provision of any services to which you subscribe. Once you opt-out, you will remain opted-out until you request otherwise. If Etex does not receive an opt-out from you prior to the expiration of the 30-day period following Etex’s sending of this notice to you, it will assume that you approve of its proposed use of your CPNI. Once you opt-out, you will remain opted-out until you request otherwise.

    If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our use of CPNI, please contact Etex customer service in the Gilmer business office at (903)797-2711 or (877)482-3839 (toll free) during normal business hours.

    Si usted quiere obtener esta informacion en Espanol, favor de comunicarsecon nuestra oficiana de negocios a (903)797-2711.

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